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ALTARGAMA is a professional Language Service Provider in Egypt with extensive expertise in most of the Middle-Eastern languages & good exposure into Automotive, Banking, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, IT, Telecommunication and e-Learning sectors; our language services & solutions rendered to businesses of all sizes, whether it's a single word translation or multi coded software applications.

Our Mission

Customer satisfaction is a priority in our company. Our team works together to provide you with a high level of customer service for your project from start to finish. We work with multinational corporations and global brands across the linguistic and cultural spectrums. You can count on us to deliver quality translation and localization services each and every time. ALTARGAMA' translation and localization services also provide individuals assistance for their thesis, proposals, research papers, official letters, etc.

Our Vision

ALTARGAMA seeks to be the go-to company when it comes to providing translation and localization services for Arabic, English and German languages. We work hard to maintain our edge by providing high-quality, accurate translation and location services to our clients. The company also aims to be one of the best in the industry, staying ahead of the competition and expanding into the global market.

our industries

ALTARGAMA company have worked for many years in the localization industry, therefore we have gained the trust of reputable, distinguished LSPs, delivering a great number of projects for global brands in many fields.


we've worked with the largest e-commerce platforms, for ex. Amazon and Alibaba.


we work with marketers to accurately localize their message to the target audience, for ex. Hilton, Cityscape, Embassy English and Forevermark.


we provide translation and localization services for different types of multimedia, including subtitling, transcripts, voiceover and more.

Education & E-Learning

we've helped large companies translate and localize their educational materials, including E-Learning materials and online-courses, for ex. McGraw.


we'll help you translate and localize your IT materials as we done for big companies in the IT field, for ex. Dell, HP, SAP, Microsoft, Google and Adobe.


we’ve a lot of experience in translating and localizing telecommunication technology materials and we have work for many companies, for ex. RIM, Black Berry, Huawei, Nokia and OPPO.


we’ve translated and localized many projects in the electronics field for the largest companies in the field, for ex. Nikon, Olympus, Canon, Xerox, Ricoh, Kodak and Delonghi.


we’ve handled many projects with clients that specialized in the technical field, for ex. Dakin, Manitowoc, Pentair, Elkay, Innovative Controls and Prince Castle.


our medical specialized team have translated many projects for the largest medical platforms, for ex. Ottobock, Mayo Clinic and NHS-National health institute Pie Medical Imaging.

Life Science

we have experts who specialize in the life sciences, including microbiology& others.


gaming continues to be a popular industry worldwide. We'll help you successfully translate and localize your gaming materials.


we also offer team members who are experts in the automotive industry and have worked with companies, for ex. Ford, Volvo, Caterpillar, Audi, GM and Opel.


our team members, who have expertise in the legal field, can help you translate and localize legal materials such as contracts, IDs, VISAs, Birth certificates, military certificates and other different personal documents.


ALTARGAMA company have worked for many years in the localization industry, therefore we have gained the trust of reputable, distinguished LSPs, delivering a great number of projects for global brands in many fields

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Website localization

Software localization


Marketing translation


Game localization

Multimedia Localization

Desktop Publishing


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Fast & accurate communication

we're dedicated to providing you fast, accurate communication at each stage of your project.

Translation & localization

your message will be translated and localized properly; native speakers will receive your message in their own language and cultural specifications.

Project delivered on-time

you can rest assured your project will be done on time, every time.

Client satisfaction

our goal is complete client satisfaction; we'll work with you until you're satisfied with the project's results.

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